Harnessing Data and Digital Innovations to Redefine Material Science
Microchips have been hailed by both technology and financial sectors as the new oil — the scarce, vital resource underpinning our modern world — because of their fundamental role in economies and their impact on key industries, innovation, and global competitiveness.
China's HBM development hits snags, South Korean chipmakers to fill the gap
As China faces difficulties in developing high-bandwidth memory (HBM) for AI semiconductors, it is expected to rely on South Korean manufacturers for the foreseeable future, according to a Bank of America (BofA) analyst. The reasons are twofold: First, China’s AI market is growing rapidly, increasing the need for HBM. Second, the country’s efforts to develop HBM are hampered by stringent U.S. regulations on advanced semiconductor technology.
China's Guangdong Province Launches Bold Initiatives to Power Up AI Sector
Guangdong, known as the economic hub of southern China, has introduced 45 initiatives aimed at promoting the adoption of AI across various industries to drive technological advancement. These measures, announced by the provincial government last week, set targets for the artificial intelligence sector to achieve a value of 300 billion yuan (US41.4 billion) by next year and 440 billion yuan by 2027. These goals correspond to 2.3 percent and 3.3 percent, respectively, of the province's GDP in 2023
Behind the Curtain: AI's ominous scarcity crisis
Top AI executives tell us they're racing to overcome old-fashioned shortages — electricity, computing power, chips, data and engineering talent — to keep improving and deploying their world-changing technology. Mike Allen, Jim VandeHei
Vertical Markets to Go for 6G After 5G Letdown, Chinese Expert Says
(Yicai) May 20 -- The upcoming sixth-generation communications should help bring more powerful internet connectivity to specialized markets after the initial progress of 5G in horizontal markets, according to a Chinese expert.
BYD's First New Energy Pickup Truck Officially Announced to Debut in Mexico on May 14th
EqualOcean has learned that BYD's new pickup truck model - SHARK will be officially launched in Mexico on May 14th local time for its world debut, a news that has attracted a lot of attention on the internet.
Q&A: How can advanced chip packaging help redesign the future of semiconductors?
Researchers explain how chip architecture and Penn State-led initiatives can help jump-start U.S. chip manufacturing
Bellwether Texas Instruments Set for Biggest Gain Since 2020
Texas Instruments Inc. shares jumped in premarket trading, setting up the stock for the biggest gain in four years after the company’s revenue forecast indicated a slump in demand may be easing.
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