Customization of connectors and wiring harnesses
  • Server and Communication
  • Energy storage and new energy
  • Intelligent home appliances
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Automotive Equipment
  • Medical and Electronics
Customization process
Step1: Confirmation of Requirements
1. Please inform us of your specific needs., including the type of connector, its application, performance requirements, dimensional specifications, material preferences, expected lifecycle, operating environment (such as temperature, humidity, vibrations, etc.), electrical/signal requirements, and more.
2. Considering cost-effectiveness, technical feasibility, and future scalability or compatibility, we will determine the optimal connector solution.
3. We seek to understand your feedback on the proposed solution, conduct a precise analysis of the requirements, and ensure a clear understanding.
Step2: Design and Development
1. Based on the results of the requirement analysis, we commence the connector design process. This may involve creating detailed engineering drawings, 3D models, and prototype samples.
2. We engage in material selection and engineering calculations to ensure that the connector's performance will meet the requirements.
3. If necessary, we collaborate with you for design iterations, optimizing and adjusting the design based on feedback.
4. After finalizing the design, we perform design validation, which includes simulation testing and actual sample testing to confirm that the product meets all specified performance standards.
Step3: Sample Production and Testing
1. We produce initial samples that will be used for testing and validating the design's rationale and functionality.
2. Rigorous quality control and testing are conducted, including electrical performance tests, mechanical connection tests, environmental stress tests, etc., to ensure that the samples meet all technical and safety requirements.
3. We share the test results with you and further modify the sample design based on your feedback.
Step4: Mass Production Preparation and After-Sales Service
1. Once the samples are validated and approved by you, we prepare the necessary tools and molds for mass production, establish the production line, and develop a quality control process.
2. We arrange the production schedule to ensure the delivery of the required quantity of customized connectors within the agreed timeframe.
3. After-sales services include technical support, provision of replacement parts, or repair services, among others.
4. Depending on the contractual agreement, additional services such as inventory management, supply chain coordination, or regular product maintenance checks may also be provided.
Customization process
Quality Certification
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